The Fat Loss Factor Diet Review + $10.00 Discount

After many years and wasted attempts at trying to lose weight and after trying to follow every single diet out there I decided to try the Fat Loss Factor Diet Plan (and see what all the fuss is about)...


Before I go into detail regarding the Fat Loss Factor we need to take a quick look inside the actual Ebook. Although many online reviews claim to provide a complete and thorough insight into the diet and how it works, many of the actual reviewers have never actually purchased the book or completed the diet plan! So for that reason I purchased the book to see exactly what the Fat Loss Diet is all about and whether it actually lives up to the hype.

What I liked about the Fat Loss Factor diet plan was that after doing a little research into the diet I found it encouraging that inside the forum and knowledge base were people that were getting actual results. Although as I have previously mentioned I have attempted a variety of ‘highly rated’ diet plans including ‘The Cabbage Soup Diet’, ‘The Two Dayfat-loss-factor-ebook-binder Diet’ and ‘The Dukan Diet’ although I had initially achieved some results it wasn’t long before I had started to put the pounds back on. The difference that seemed to be apparent with the Fat Loss Factor diet was that people in the forums and knowledge base were having consistent results that seemed to last.

The Fat Loss Factor: In a Nutshell! The diet was invented by the board certified nutritional and fitness expert Dr Charles Livingston (yes he is a real board certified Physician). Dr Charles Livingston is also a certified wellness coach who started his journey in the United States with his ‘Guinea Pig’ Lori (you will see her in the video on the initial presentation page).

The initial stages in Dr Charles Livingston’s invention of the Fat Loss Factor diet plan brought him into contact with Lori as she was a ‘classic’ example of an obese person experiencing all of the negative aspects associated with obesity. Many of Lori’s immediate family and relatives who had since died had experienced problems with obesity and the health problems associated with it (i.e. high blood pressure and Diabetes). So when Lori was initially introduced to Dr Charles he felt that if his diet could work for Lori then it would work for anyone (and he was right).

Fat Loss Reinvented: The basis and main thesis behind Dr Charles Livingston’s diet plan is the theory (based on research) that the majority of people who start to diet in an effort to lose weight will often resort to extreme measures in an effort to shift those excess pounds. This can include people skipping meals, eating less and less, resorting to diet pills or exercising to excess.

The problem with these ‘diets’ are that they just don’t work and can even be unhealthy. Of course people are always looking for the ‘quick’ weight loss plan so are more open to unscrupulous sales tactics that can either promote weight loss pills that simply don’t work or are actually potentially harmful. The great thing about the Fat Loss Factor diet plan is that it starts by cleansing the body enabling people on the plan to feel healthier right from the word go.

The reasons why people fail to lose weight: Dr Charles Livingston recognizes that there are three reasons why people fail to lose weight and why some people accumulate body fat (around the belly, bottom and hips – not to mention everywhere else). The three reasons are due to:

  1. A bad diet.
  2. A poorly functioning Liver.
  3. A clogged up Colon.

The Fat Loss Plateau: In the first chapter Dr Charles Livingston explains how to turn the body into a fat burning machine. He starts by outlining how many people who are failed dieters have often failed due to their body reaching what is known as a ‘fat loss plateau’.Fat-Loss-Factor-Picture The Fat Loss Plateau occurs when the body adapts to a particular way of eating – so you basically stop losing weight. Have you noticed that when you first start a diet often the pounds fall off easily but as you continue dieting the weight loss starts to slow and taper off before you stop losing weight at all – this is the Fat Loss Plateau.

This is the point when most dieters give up and throw in the towel. The problem is that when people continually fail they build up a psychological resistance to succeeding. This is the great thing about the Fat Loss Factor is that it starts by changing your attitude to dieting so that you start the diet knowing that you have the ability to succeed right from the start. Although I had never actually heard of the Fat Loss Plateau (after reading Dr Livingston’s explanation I knew that I had experienced all of the negative feelings associated with it. Basically I had been doing the wrong types of exercise and eating what I thought was ‘healthy’ when in fact it was just piling on the pounds (knowing that all my previous dieting attempts were doomed from the start was frustrating to say the least)!

Fat Loss Factor – Program Overview: The basic principal behind the Fat Loss Factor diet is based on participants getting a lean and healthy body through a proven system of healthy food and exercise. By eating certain foods (recommended in the Book) the body’s metabolism is kicked into Fat Burning Overdrive’.

The fat Loss Factor Diet in Detail: There are Three Programs to Follow: Dr Charles Livingston has split the diet plan into three easy programs that must be strictly followed to achieve maximum results. But before the programs are started each participant in the diet plan has to choose how much weight they would like to lose. These are also split into three easy choices:


#1 Steady Weight Loss Plan - This is the plan I went for.

#2 Quick Weight Loss PlanThis is the plan for people who want to lose weight faster.

#3 Turbo Weight Loss PlanThis is where weight loss should start to increase (if you follow the plan properly).

So what are the three programs? The three programs (Phases) are all designed for maximum weight loss. After you have chosen how much weight you would like to lose you can then start on the first program phase.

Phase 1: The Master Cleanse:
Phase 2: Low Alkaline Foods (one to two weeks):
Phase 3: Structured Eating Plan:

expressPhase 1: The Master Cleanse: One of the most important factors in the Fat Loss Factor Diet Plan is the first stage (or the preparatory stage before you start the diet i.e. Phase 2 and 3). Dr Charles Livingston explains in the book how a simple cleanse of the body can bring about massive changes to the metabolism causing the body to go into fat burning overdrive. This is classed as the preparatory stage which gets the body ready and optimized for fat burning weight loss.

I was expecting to find the Master Cleanse more difficult due to having to be strict with what I was eating and drinking. However, I was actually amazed. Although I still found this stage more difficult than the actual diet due to the fact that I felt so healthy and energized this made me more determined to stick with it. One of the interesting things I noticed was how a simple change in my mindset i.e. detoxifying my body made me more determined not to eat foods that would  change the way I was feeling or clog up and slow my metabolism (I suppose I felt free of those nasty toxins – see below).

Fat Loss Factor – Toxins and Weight Gain: Due to a person’s bad diet i.e. too much processed food toxins start to accumulate in the Liver and Colon causing everything to slow down and become sluggish leading to people feeling bloated and tired. You have probably experienced that sluggish bloated feeling if you have spent a couple of days eating junk food or foods that are known to cause a build-up of toxins in the Liver and Colon (you just didn’t know what was causing it). Well you do now! Dr Charles Livingston goes onto explain that when the Liver and Colon become clogged with toxins the metabolism also becomes sluggish and tired. 

So what happens? Yes you guessed it as soon as the toxins start to build-up in the Liver and Colon the excess toxins become fat cells which are then transported to the hip, bottom, thighs and belly (the areas that are in close proximity to the Liver and Colon).

The Master Cleanse starts by getting the body ready for a change of routine. By detoxifying the Liver and Colon this enables the metabolism to go into overdrive. Dr Charles Livingston explains exactly what you need to do and goes into minute detail as to what foods and drinks bring about these dramatic changes to the body.

Phase 2: The second phase of the diet plan is where participants have to eat a certain amount of low alkaline food as part of their meal plan. Dr Charles Livingston explains in detail how certain low alkaline foods including nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits are packed full of nutrients and how they can be used alongside other foods to further encourage weight loss. Foods with a low alkaline level also have ‘live’ enzymes which help to heal and repair the body from the inside out all of which encourage weight loss and lead to a healthier body.

Phase 3: In the third phase of the diet plan Dr Charles Livingston has devised a unique method to further encourage ‘fat burning’ and weight loss which he calls Structured Eating.

bag-of-shoppingStructured Eating uses a well established approach to fat burning and weight loss which includes (among other methods) intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting as a method to lose weight quickly and effectively (and a method that leads to sustained weight loss) has recently hit the news in the BBC documentary where the presenter Dr Michael Mosley used it to successfully lose excess pounds. The difference with Dr Charles Livingston’s approach is that he uses a combination of methods alongside the fasting that dramatically increases the amount of weight being lost and the fat being burned, leading to a leaner, lighter body. He explains this method in his Ebook/Book with the concept based on hormones being triggered to become fat burning and therefore fat reducing hormones.

Structured Eating & Weight Loss: In the paragraphs below I have gone into more detail regarding Structured Eating and how it can be utilized to encourage fat burning and weight loss. Although you have to be strict with the Structured Eating phase because I knew that I could have a cheat day (where I could eat what I wanted) I found myself sticking with the plan. So what is Structured eating? Read below for more details.

#1 – During a Fasting day Dr Charles Livingston explains in detail how adrenaline is increased which then increases the metabolism (meaning more calories are burned). This increase in energy may also encourage you to do exercise which will also increase the amount of fat being burned and the amount of weight being lost.

#2 – Structured fasting also gives the body no other choice bu to burn fat. By fasting on an intermittent basis the body’s metabolism is transformed so that it burns mostly fat as opposed to blood sugar (all methods unique to Dr Charles Livingston’s diet plan).

#3 – Dr Charles Livingston also explains how intermittent fasting allows you to lose weight and burn fat but still enjoy the foods that some diets forbid you to enjoy without putting on weight or feeling guilty.

#4 – Through structured fasting growth hormones (the most important fat burning hormones) are stimulated causing weight loss. Dr Charles Livingston explains in detail that through intermittent fasting the Insulin levels decrease meaning that the body starts to burn fat as opposed to storing it.

#5 – Dr Charles Livingston also explains how his Fat Loss Factor diet plan increases fat burning enzymes (specifically two fat burning enzymes called Hormone Sensitive Lipase and Lipoprotein Lipase) speeding up fat burning and weight loss.

#6 – An interesting aspect of the Structured Eating plan (including the intermittent fasting) is that you start to realize what causes you to eat and the reasons why you often eat to excess. I found this fascinating as it gave me a new insight into my day to day eating. Dr Livingston explains how this gives people a new psychological edge that allows you to reflect on the reasons why you have either failed to lose weight before and the reasons why you eat the wrong foods.

#7 – Each step of the Structured Eating plan is designed to give you the confidence to continue with the diet knowing that you are not only building a new relationship with food but are also becoming leaner and healthier due to the specific fat burning foods recommended on the diet (see below).

Once the body has been cleansed through Phase 1,2 and 3 by eating natural healthy foods you are then introduced to proven exercise techniques that causes the body to continue burning fat. The exercises are specific to the program and are ‘person specific’ i.e. the exercises are for people of all levels from basic through to advanced.

Although I am not averse to doing exercise (I find all the excuses under the Sun as to why I haven’t got time to do it) what I liked about Dr Livingston’s exercise plan was how the exercises are designed to have maximum results with minimum effort. I actually found myself doing the exercises as the intermediate exercise plan that I followed meant I only had to leave 15 – 30 minutes free during the day to do the exercises (which is great if you are super busy or have a large family). So what is the exercise plan? Well it’s called HIIT and it’s one of the most talked about exercise plans currently available. Ok so the celebrities use HIIT (but don’t let that put you off)!

workoutHIIT Training = Increased Fat Burn: What I found particularly interesting about The Fat Loss Factor was Dr Livingston’s scientific and research based attitude to exercise and how specific ‘body weight’ exercises could turbo boost fat burning in the body. Many diet and exercise plans that I have previously followed had an outdated approach to exercise and weight loss. I have lost count of the exercise and diet ‘fads’ that I have followed where I have been advised to do as much cardio as possible i.e. spend hours and hours plodding away on the treadmill. However, Dr Livingston explains in a nutshell why this approach just doesn’t work in contemporary 21st Century diet and exercise plans.

He calls it ‘law of adaptation’ and although I won’t bore you with the scientific details, lets just say it blew me away. It’s based on using full body exercises and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which not only kick starts the metabolism but also produces an ‘after burn’ effect. By using these exercises that Dr Charles Livingston recommends it is possible for body to continue to burn fat up to 24 hours after the exercise has finished (through a natural condition known as EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). Healthy eating combined with a combination of cleansing and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) based training methods it becomes easy for the most reluctant dieter to lose weight. The great thing about the exercise is that due to the fact that I knew I only had to put aside 15-30 minutes a day I actually found myself sticking with the exercise plan.

The All Day Fat Burning Machine: Muscle: I was actually pleasantly surprised at this revelation. Although I knew that I had woman-exercisingno interest in becoming the next Mr Universe I had no idea how important muscle is when it comes to burning fat. However, Dr Livingston explains how the unique exercises that he has devised are not designed to bulk up the body but are simply designed to help tone, firm and produce a lean and healthy body.

Healthy Weight Loss – The great thing about The Fat Loss Factor Diet is that it’s not only designed for you to lose weight as fast as possible but it also has a complete healthy attitude to weight loss. Unfortunately with some diets losing weight can have negative effects on the body and the person’s overall health. A good example of this would be the Atkins diet (which can lead to a variety of side effects including nausea, constipation, insomnia, dizziness and even diarrhea). In comparison people who have been on the diet for several weeks actually state categorically how much healthier and energized they were. I have to say once I had got over the initial cleanse I was quite taken back at how much healthier I felt.

vegetablesGood & Bad Foods: How to Maximize Weight Loss: As part of the diet plan and overall Fat Loss Factor approach to healthy eating and maximum weight loss is Dr Livingston’s unique approach to good and bad foods that can either aid weight loss or hinder it. I found this section really interesting as I had no idea that some specific foods and ingredients not only had a negative impact on my health but were also increasing my appetite (more on this below).

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate): MSG is often used in some foods to add to the flavor. What food manufacturers don’t tell you is that it is actually one of the most addictive substances on the Planet. In fact Dr Livingston explains how detrimental MSG is when it comes to weight loss.

I certainly didn’t know that MSG is classified as an ‘Excito-Toxin’. This means that it causes certain receptors in the brain to go into over-drive leading to a person craving more and more food. This made perfect sense to me as I have eaten so many Chinese Take-Aways in the past crammed full of MSG and however much I ate I never felt full-up or fully satisfied.

HFCS (High Fructrose Corn Syrup): This is another ‘no no’. HFCS is a man made sweetener which was initially manufactured in the 1970′s as it was cheaper than sugar and easier to mass produce (the problem with HCFS is that is is jam packed full of calories). Another fact that I didn’t know was that High Fructrose Corn Syrup also shuts off the body’s natural appetite control switch which means people will eat more than their body would normally allow.

water-2The Importance of Water: Water and hydration also plays a large part in Dr Livingstons FLF diet. In fact he goes into some detail as to how you can use water to wash away the fat. Dr Livingston also explains how: 1: Water increases strength by as much as 10%. 2: Regular hydration kick starts fat loss by flushing out nasty toxins. 3: Water also increases endurance by as much as 15%.

Stress & Obesity: Until I read the Fat Loss Factor I had no idea how remaining as relaxed and stress free as possible could have a dramatic impact on fat burning and weight loss. Ok so I knew that exercise could help reduce stress but I didn’t know there is actually a scientific link between stress and weight gain. Just by getting stressed the body starts to produce a powerful fat gaining hormone called Cortisol.

borderMore Fat Burning Tips: Alongside the tips above, Dr Livingston also explains how: (See right).

So what else is included with the Fat Loss Factor diet pack? Below we have listed some of the extras that Dr Livingston has included as part of the overall diet.

1. The Fat Loss Factor 140 Page PDF Ebook (version 2.0 – New).

2. The Fat Loss Factor (Quick Start Guide) (version 2.0 – New).

3. 90 meal plans. Dr Livingston has included a day by day meal plan (which includes a recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner). This means you only have to rinse and repeat.

4. A complete diet and exercise log and plan. Dr Livingston has included hundreds of exercises (specifically designed to produce EPOC and after burn where you can burn calories up to 48 hours after you have finished the exercises). Included in the Fat Loss Factor exercise plan are day by day instructions with step by step instructions as to how you should complete each exercise and what exercise you should do on that day for maximum results.

5. Alongside the 90 meal plans, Dr Livingston has included a separate PDF Ebook/Book that contains 50 in-depth pages full of delicious recipes.

6. One of the extras included in the diet pack is a dedicated 12 months of email coaching and access to a weight loss forum (for everyone who is on the diet). The forum is worth it’s weight in gold. I used it on numerous occasions when I was stuck, needed inspiration or just a helping hand.

7. One of the best newly added extras is the Foojoo Software (this helps you find local low fat fast food restaurants).

8. Dr Livingston has also included a complete grocery list – so you know exactly what you should be purchasing on a daily basis.

9. A complete goal setting guide. This was very handy as it helped to keep me on track and meant that I could set goals knowing that once I had achieved them I had completed my goal.

10. Also included in the Fat Loss Factor package are measurement guidelines (with an in-depth measurement form).

11. Something that is really useful is the measurement tracker software. This also includes a video demonstration showing you how to type in your weight and track your daily progress with the software.

12. A complete guide to lots of fat burning raw food recipes.

My Conclusion: Would I have purchased the Fat Loss Factor Diet Plan knowing what I know now? YES!

I loved the diet so much I have recommended it to my friends and family and for me that clearly shows how much I believe in the diet.

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